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Over time, as we naturally age, overactive muscle movement gradually wears away the collagen in our skin, causing the skin to crease and wrinkles to appear. Line and wrinkle treatments relax these muscles preventing the formation of wrinkles and smoothing out lines. Line and wrinkle treatments work only on the specific muscles injected, leaving the surrounding muscles to function as usual, enabling normal facial expression, just with less wrinkles.

DysportLine and wrinkle treatments are commonly used to treat areas in the upper part of the face; these treatments can combat both fine lines and also deep wrinkles. The most popular areas to treat are:

  • Frown lines between the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Crows Feet

What is Dysport?
Dysport is the newest neuromuscular blocking agent to be approved by the FDA (Food and drug Administration). Even though Dysport has just been FDA approved in the United States, It has been in use in over 21 other countries for 17 years….some of these include the UK, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, and Switzerland to name a few. Dysport is a wrinkle-reducing injection use a substance derived from clostridium botulin bacteria. When injected into the muscles it has the effect of blocking transmissions between nerve and muscle causing relaxation of the surrounding muscle tissue, effectively reducing wrinkles.

How does it work?
The repetitive expressions of your face usually leave an imprint in the underlying muscles of the skin. With that muscles contract at the same exact spots resulting of the formation of wrinkles. The underlying muscles tend to crease. With age, as the skin decreases the production of collagen and elastin, these creases on the muscles reach through the surface of the skin where it usually leaves visible lines. As the texture and moisture on the skin degrade, the deeper your visible wrinkles get. Dysport works similar to Botox in paralyzing the underlying muscles of the skin. This way it smoothens out the creases on the muscles and delivers the same effect to the outer layers of the skin. Dysport injections also work at getting the youthful plumpness of the skin. The treatment is injected directly into the wrinkles which results in temporarily relaxing the facial muscles and preventing the formation of wrinkles, while existing lines are softened.

Can it work for you?
Yes, especially if you have used Botox before. Dysport is basically the same; it is derived from the same toxin as Botox (Botulinum toxin type A). But the way Dysport is formulated it is reported to have a lower concentration of protein in its solution. Due to this, Dysport is said to have a better spreading effect that Botox.

What are the side effects?
Wrinkle reducing injections have been proven to be both safe and effective, however, in some cases there may be certain side effects that could include: headaches, swelling and redness, nausea, temporary eyelid droop.

How does Dysport compare to Botox?
It is reported that Dysport actually has a better spreading radius, thus it can cover more wrinkle area with the same about of toxin used. Therefore, with the coverage of a larger area you should spend less for the same type of treatments.

What is the recovery time?
Work may be resumed immediately after the treatment. You should avoid touching the treated area during the first hours after the treatment. It is also recommended not to lie down until a few hours after the treatment.

How long will Dysport last?
Dysport has a lasting effect of approximately 4 months, after which a new treatment is required.

How much does it cost?
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