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Health & Beauty Expo Raffle Winners!

Versa 1ml00-58700-689
Versa Lips 1ml00-42700-608
Sculptra 3 vials00-680
Dysport 150u0-1575
Rest Contour 2ml000-8500-702
QWO 2 vials00-993
SkinMedica00-819-HA500-917-Neck Correction00-326- TNS
Botox 64 units00-52300-106
Kybella 2 vials00-792000-97
Any Juvederm 2ml0-15230-1588
CoolSculpt 2 cycles00-364
RHA 2ml00-70800-663
Ultherapy – 800 lines00-33300-522
Xeomin – 150 units0-1517
Radiesse 2 Syringes00-45400-825
Belotero 1ml00-342
Scarlet Face or Chest00-807
Emsculpt NEO – 4tx0-1607
Emsella 6tx0-1652
Fraxel F, N & C00-311
Microneedle PRF00-956
C02 Light00-120
Photofacial F, N & C00-533
Hydrafacial Elite000-73