Tone & Texture

Treatment Options to Improve Skin Tone, Texture & Appearance


The Most Extensive Aesthetic Laser Systems in California

Eliminate blemishes, hair, and more with state-of-the-art laser treatments from DermFx. We have been the leader in laser and light treatment for 15 years. Talk with our friendly staff today for a FREE consultation on which of our laser treatment options are best for your skin condition and desired results.


Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that encourages collagen production using tiny, sterilized needles. It may help smooth, firm, and tone skin and improve the appearance of scars, acne, and wrinkles. At DermFx, we offer a variety of types of microneedling treatments.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a facial resurfacing technique that uses a chemical solution to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing its damaged outer layers. Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin and scars and can be done at different depths, from light to deep. They can also be done alone or combined with other cosmetic procedures. 


Facials are a great way to rejuvenate dull, tired-looking skin and reveal fresher, softer skin. And at DermFx we offer two invigorating types of facials that are an effective and enjoyable way to treat yourself and take care of your skin.