Peels Are Part of a Healthy Skin Care Regimen- Find Out Why!

Healthy, glowing skin is always in style. DermFx offers many different kinds of chemical peels that treat all sorts of skin conditions to achieve that sought-after glowy look.

Here’s a list of things you should know before you decide to get a chemical peel.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment that uses a chemical solution to exfoliate & enhance your skin. This treatment can be done on the face, neck, or body to remove dead skin cells & stimulate new cell growth. Chemical peels can treat all sorts of different conditions including uneven texture, aging skin, acne-prone skin, sun damage, and more!

Which chemical peel is right for me?

There are different kinds of chemical peels that we offer here such as salicylic acid peels, glycolic peels, TCA peels, blue peels, and VI Peels. There are also different levels of chemical peel strengths depending on your skin condition and what your skin goals are. Your provider will help you determine which chemical peel will best suit your skin needs.

What are the benefits of a chemical peel?

Chemical peels can help with skin discoloration, acne breakouts, reduce the look of fine lines & wrinkles, improve skin texture, reverse skin damage, and stimulate collagen production!

What should I expect at my chemical peel appointment?

First you will consult with your provider to determine which peel works best for your skin goals. The first step is to degrease any oils on the skin to make sure the active ingredients of the chemical peel are able to penetrate deep into the skin. Your provider will then apply the peel solution to your skin and let it sit on your skin for a minute or longer depending on how your skin reacts to the solution. You may notice a little stinging, warmth, or discomfort depending on the chemical peel. This sensation is normal & is tolerable. Lastly, the provider with neutralize the peel with water if the peel requires it. Your provider will be with you throughout the process to ensure that you are comfortable during the treatment. Once you’re all done with the treatment, we will provide you with aftercare instructions to make sure that your healing process is smooth & quick.

What should I expect after my chemical peel?

You should expect some flaking on day 2, and peeling on days 3-5. You should notice the peeling stop & be replaced by gorgeous, glowing skin on day 7!

If you don’t notice heavy peeling, don’t worry! This usually means that you are already well exfoliated on the surface therefore, the exfoliation is happening at a cellular level which does not cause heavy peeling.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen as your skin is extremely sensitive for a few weeks after a chemical peel!

Schedule a free consultation with one of our providers for your own individualized treatment plan today!

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