Introducing the new VI Peel

Tired of rough, textured skin? Sick of those pesky hyperpigmentation spots that just won’t go away no matter what you try? Or maybe you’re trying to reduce the look of your fine lines & wrinkles?

Introducing the new VI Peel & VI Precision Plus Peel, now available at DermFx!

VI Peel’s original groundbreaking formula is the #1 Chemical Peel that’s designed to target rough skin texture & provide an overall skin rejuvenation. Don’t worry, the term “chemical peel” sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. It’s actually a painless, effective treatment that’s only available through authorized clinics.

This peel exfoliates and stimulates to create a luminous glow in just 7 days! VI Peel is safe for all skin types & is formulated for all ages and conditions. This would make the perfect introductory peel or seasonal refresher peel.

Ingredients: Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, TCA and Ascorbic Acid.

VI Precision Plus Peel:

This breakthrough formula is designed with a unique dual booster system to fade & lift pigmentation, reduce age spots, and correct discoloration on the skin.

This peel is safe for all skin types & is formulated to reduce hyperpigmentation including: U.V. Induced Hyperpigmentation, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), and Melasma.

Ingredients: Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Phenol, TCA, Ascorbic Acid, Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid.

These peels exfoliate the dead skin cells on the outer layer, enhance skin texture, and stimulate new cell growth. This helps you achieve that youthful, glowing skin.

The great part about these VI Peels is that they each contain a unique blend of acids to target specific skin conditions.

There are peels that target aging skin, rough textured skin, and more! At your consultation, your provider will examine your skin & determine the best individualized treatment plan for you.

The treatment is painless & only takes approximately 30 minutes to complete!

You will start to notice some flaking on day 2 and peeling by days 3 – 5. By day 6, the peeling will slow down. By day 7, the peeling is done & will be replaced with gorgeous, glowing skin!

If you don’t notice your skin peeling, don’t fret! Your VI Peel is still doing its magic. There is always exfoliation happening with the peel but if you’re already pretty well exfoliated, it may be on the cellular level which doesn’t cause heavy peeling.

Schedule your free consultation with one of our providers to get your skin glowing today!

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