Get To Know The RHA Collection of Fillers

RHA collection of designer fillers is the only FDA approved collection of fillers for dynamic wrinkles and folds. Dynamic wrinkles are lines that appear on your face when you make facial expressions, laugh, frown, and talk. When you fill these dynamic lines with regular fillers, it may seem stiff and unnatural. RHA fillers on the other hand, is designed to adapt to the facial movement and make it look natural.

RHA fillers are considered to be “clean” fillers because it uses a gentle manufacturing process that allows the product to closely resemble the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that’s already in your skin. As you age, you begin to lose some of this hyaluronic acid in the skin. When you inject RHA filler, which contains the hyaluronic acid that mimics the one in your skin, you are able to combat the signs of aging and achieve a natural youthful appearance.

Get to know the different RHA filler options:

RHA 2:

The RHA 2 filler is designed for moderate dynamic wrinkles and folds. This is especially great for the lines around the mouth and for the lines in between your brows and nose. Since this filler is more flexible, RHA 2 is also great for lips.

RHA 3:

RHA 3 has an equal amount of stretch and dynamic strength which makes it perfect for moderate to severe wrinkles and folds. This filler is a great option for deeper wrinkles on the face such as the nasolabial folds.

RHA 4:

RHA 4 is a great option for the deepest wrinkles on the face. Since RHA 4 is a thicker consistency, it’s also used to add volume in areas that appear sunken in and to contour the face as well.

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How is RHA filler different than regular HA fillers?

RHA fillers last up to 15 months while HA fillers last up to 12 months. RHA fillers treat dynamic and static lines while HA fillers only treat static lines. Also, since RHA fillers more closely mimics the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin, it allows for a more natural result.

Can you dissolve RHA fillers?

Yes, similar to regular hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane, your provider can dissolve the RHA filler using a dissolving agent called hyaluronidase.

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