Get to Know: the Forgotten Foundation

The Forgotten Foundation is a locally owned organization, sponsored by DermFx, whose mission is to focus on The Forgotten; the underserved, under privileged, and the neglected. 

“With the help of all those who are willing, we plan to support, change and inspire The Forgotten of our community and this world.”

Over the past decade, the focus has been on an orphanage in Mexicali: Esperanza de los Niño’s “Hope for the Kids”. 

We spoke with Erin, the founder of DermFx, to learn more about the Forgotten Foundation.

Why did you start the Forgotten Foundation?

Erin: I actually fell upon it. The church that I went to sponsored the orphanage but the church was going to be dissolved. I asked them what would happen to the orphanage and the kids? The church asked if I could take over and find another church to take care of the orphanage.

I thought maybe everyone at DermFx could help out just for a little while as we try to find another church to sponsor the orphanage. We went to different churches and synagogs, but no one wanted to take it on..

That’s how DermFx stepped in to completely take over as the sponsor for the Forgotten Foundation.

This was over 20 years ago. You really get to know the kids over time. The orphanage is located in Mexicali. They’re a bunch of sweet kids. The older kids even come back to the orphanage to help out.

If we didn’t do this, I don’t know what would happen to them. They literally only have what we help them with, they don’t have anyone else. There’s no food stamps, Medi-Cal, or welfare there. If those kids get sick, it’s whatever is donated through us that helps take care of the medications, supplies, and medical bills.. There was a little girl that was severely burned and couldn’t move her arm, we had to pay out of pocket for the physical therapy to restore the use of her arm.

Could you tell us about your trips to Mexico to visit the orphanage?

Erin: Yes, we head down super early in the morning since it’s a 3-4 hour drive there. We do different fun activities with the kids during the day! Every Christmas, we go down to the orphanage to bring gifts, clothes, and necessities. We try to go about 3-4 times a year to visit them.

Every month we send them $3,000 for school clothes, medical necessities, and bills. Then we add any incidentals, which can be a lot for healthcare, school supplies, car issues, etc. For instance, we just paid $6,000 for the lady that runs the place to have dialysis. It’s usually pretty tight, financially.

They really need a van right now because theirs got vandalized. People took the doors off and smashed all the windows. It sucks how much people vandalize them.

How can people help out?

Erin: All of the proceeds from the accessories sold in office goes directly towards the Forgotten Foundation. You can also donate online here.

100% of what people give, goes directly to the Forgotten Foundation, there are no administrative fees taken.

Donations of clothing and toys are greatly appreciated as well!

We also fundraise for the Forgotten Foundation at events such as our Health and Beauty Expos. With your help, we were able to raise $15,000 for the orphanage at our 9th Annual Health and Beauty Expo! We couldn’t have done it without your generosity!

What are your dreams for the orphanage?

Erin: My dream is to be able to purchase a big property for them where it’s safer and not as likely to have their things vandalized.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and helped us make a difference in these children’s lives. To learn more about the Forgotten Foundation, head over to

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