5 Common Lip Filler Myths

It’s become exceedingly more common nowadays for both women and men to get cosmetic treatments. Lip fillers in particular, seem to have been on the rise ever since Kylie Jenner got hers. Although it’s a lot more popular now, there are still a few misconceptions surrounding lip fillers, so we’re here to help debunk them!

Here are the list of 5 Common Lip Filler Myths:

Lip fillers will make you look fake

When people who are new to lip fillers express their fears, we oftentimes hear that they are afraid of it looking fake or of getting ‘duck lips’. The truth is: lip fillers can actually look very natural. When done by an experienced injector, your lip filler can be an enhancement of your natural lip shape! Here at DermFx, we carry a variety of different brands of fillers including Restylane, Juvéderm, Versa, RHA fillers, and more to meet your specific aesthetic lip goals!

Lip fillers will stretch your lips and make them sag

Not true. Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a component already found in your body that stimulates collagen production. Therefore, when the filler goes away, your lips will not be stretched out and it will not sag!

Lip fillers are irreversible

Not too fond of your new lips? Don’t worry. Hyaluronic acid fillers, which are most commonly used in the lips, can easily be dissolved if you don’t like the results. You can get it dissolved by scheduling an appointment to get Hyaluronidase injected in your lips.

Lip fillers are super painful

Lip fillers are not super painful. Most patients say it isn’t painful while a few say they experience just slight discomfort. We add topical numbing cream to your lips for 15-30 minutes before we start the injection process. Most fillers also contain lidocaine, which means that once we start injecting the product into your lips, the lidocaine adds another layer of numbness and comfort to your treatment.

Anyone can administer lip fillers

Definitely not. It is so important to make sure you have a licensed professional to do your injections. Here at DermFx, all of our providers are licensed and experienced with doing lip fillers! We also offer FREE consultations where our providers will examine you and come up with an individualized treatment plan.

Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our providers to discuss your aesthetic goals today!

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