The Skin Rejuvenating Laser

The Fraxel laser is an FDA cleared laser which produces thousands of tiny columns of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. This “fractional” treatment approach allows the skin to heal much faster than if all the skin was treated at once. Following each treatment, the body’s natural healing process creates new healthy tissue to replace skin imperfections. This laser refines the skin in a precisely controlled fashion. Improvements in your appearance will continue for six months, or more after the initial treatment. The Fraxel Laser produces a gentle remodeling of collagen under your skin’s surface.
First we apply a topical anesthesia and wait approximately 45 minutes to an hour for it to take effect. Treatments last about 30 minutes as we pass a special light wand over the surface of the skin. As the wand makes contact with the skin it sends a laser beam into the dermis, creating a very small thermal interaction. The treatment causes very little discomfort with most people describing it as a "prickly sensation". Most of our patients achieve optimum results from a series of Fraxel treatments spaced about 2 weeks apart. And many can see improvement in just one Fraxel treatment.
Fraxel Treatment Benefits:
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Corrects sun damage & brown spots
  • Improved tone and texture
  • Smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin
  • Minimal downtime-return to work and activities
  • Non-surgical and safe
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Recovering from a Fraxel laser treatment is a lot like recovering from a mild sunburn. Initially the skin will redden and swell slightly. The swelling will diminish after 1 or 3 days and the skin will slowly lose some of its redness and fade to a "tanned" color for 3 to 14 days after treatment. Similar to a sunburn, mild peeling or flaking may also occur. During this time and the following months, patients are encouraged to wear sunscreen, twice a day, to limit sun exposure and promote optimum results.

Fraxel produces great results. Because the key to Fraxel laser treatment is the regeneration of collagen, improvements appear gradually. Patients usually begin to notice positive changes to their skin within about 1 week, with continued improvements for about 6 months. Once your skin is restored, continue to protect it with an SPF 30 or higher, applied twice daily and an appropriate skin care regime.

No matter your age, sex or skin color, Fraxel laser treatment can uncover your youthful skin buried within. It’s for men and women of all ages and skin types. Whether you're in your 30s and just starting to see wrinkles…
Or in your 60s or older with deeper lines and loose skin… Fraxel can help improve your skin. Fraxel can treat all skin colors. Since African-American, Latino and Asian skin types generally have more melanin (pigment) than Caucasian skin, they’ve traditionally been at a higher risk for discoloration and scarring with conventional laser treatments. But unlike these other procedures, Fraxel treatment precisely targets water in the skin, not melanin, and therefore may be safe and effective for all skin colors.

Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Surgical scars, Age spots, Melasma, Actinic keratoses, Sun damage, Enlarged pores, Pigment, Irregular skin texture.

Fraxel is not just for facial treatments. Delicate skin suffering from damage due to sun exposure on the neck, chest, or hands can be treated easily. Any part of the body is appropriate. The end result is an impressive change to fine lines and wrinkles along with a smoothing out of skin tone and color, all with minimal down time.

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Fraxel In the News
The Fraxel re:pair laser is a minimally invasive, ablative fractional laser system that delivers treatments at depths from 300 micrometers to 1.6 mm into the dermis.

For more severe rhytids and furrows the Fraxel re:pair stimulates new collagen and elastin production deep into the dermis. Treatment is delivered with the safety and proven efficacy of the Fraxel brand.

Its advanced optics can deliver thousands of microscopic treatment zones up to 2.5 times faster than any other ablative fractional device. It is also the only system clinically demonstrated to create zones of treatment beyond 1.5 mm that are spaced evenly across the skins surface. In one treatment session, the Fraxel re:pair treatment results thorough tissue tightening, a uniform appearance and effective resurfacing.

Extensive Clinical Study "The Fraxel re:pair laser system is the most technologically advanced tool available for a physician today. Reliant's rigorous scientific development of the Fraxel re:pair laser is backed by data from more than 400 treatments conducted at 10 top clinical centers nationwide," said Anja Krammer, vice president of marketing for Reliant Technologies.

"Unlike other devices on the market, only the Fraxel re:pair system uses state-of-the-art technology that integrates the proprietary Fraxel Intelligent Optical Tracking system with a CO2 laser source. With just one hand piece, physicians can now effectively treat a broad range of conditions." - Source Reliant Technologies Orange County Register Article
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