All images contained within are copyrighted and copy protected using Digimarc technology. Please read below for more information. All works are Copyrighted by DermFx 2012.

How DigiMarc Photograph & Image Tracking Works

The Copyright notice on each photograph is not the digital watermark.

How Computers "See" Images & Photographs

In this image you see computer code which does not appear to make sense. However, to a computer, it makes perfectly good sense. This strange-looking code contains the instructions telling a computer how to render a picture on a monitor. To computers this is how all photographs and images "look". It is technically very easy to add tracking numbers to this code.

Invisible Digital Tracking Number

Notice that the numbers in red are not like the rest of the code around them. This is the special DigiMarc digital watermark which can be found by the DigiMarc search engine. The watermark is actually an ID number that is unique for each photograph.

Locating Stolen Images

To locate where a photograph or other image is being used without permission we simply enter photo ID numbers in the DigiMarc search engine. This special search engine automatically searches the entire World Wide Web continuously looking for these ID numbers. When it finds our ID numbers it sends us an email indicating where the image was found.

It Stands Up In Court

The DigicMarc technology has been around for well over ten years. Since many people do steal images from web sites, many have been sued for copyright infringement. In several well-known copyright infringement law suits, DigiMarc technology has been upheld as valid proof of theft and other copyright infringements. Under Federal Law, the minimum fine for copyright infringements is $20,000.

DigicMarc Can't Be Removed

Some people think they are being clever when stealing images because they crop or otherwise alter the image. That does not remove the digital watermark. Cropping, re-sizing, re-naming the file, or any other "trick" does not remove the watermark. This is because the digital watermark is embedded in the image or photograph many times, not just once or twice. This is so that derivative works can also be traced to illegal use.

Derivative Works Illegal Too

Some people think using only half of an image is legal because it is not the entire image or photograph. This is not true. Under Federal Law using any part of an image or photograph is called a "derivative work" because the new image or photograph was created from the original, that is, the new image or photograph was derived from the original.

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